General ProcessWire installation.

$ wireshell new {directory}*

* This argument is optional. If you want to install into the current directory, just skip it.

Available options:

--dbUser : Database user
--dbPass : Database password
--dbName : Database name
--dbHost : Database host, default: `localhost`
--dbPort : Database port, default: `3306`
--dbEngine : Database engine, default: `MyISAM`
--dbCharset : Database characterset, default: `utf8`
--timezone : Timezone
--chmodDir : Directory mode, default `755`
--chmodFile : File mode, defaults `644`
--httpHosts : Hostname without `www` part
--adminUrl : Admin url
--username : Admin username
--userpass : Admin password
--useremail : Admin email address
--profile : Default site profile: `path/to/` OR one of `beginner, blank, classic, default, languages`
--src : Path to pre-downloaded folder, zip or tgz: `path/to/src`
--sha : Download specific commit
--no-install : Disable installation
--v : Increase the verbosity of messages


Download and unzip ProcessWires master branch into current directory.

$ wireshell new --no-install

Download and unzip ProcessWires master branch into specific directory.

$ wireshell new /path/where/to/install --no-install

Use pre-downloaded source.

$ wireshell new /path/where/to/install --src=Downloads/ProcessWire

Custom profile ProcessWire installation.

$ wireshell new /path/where/to/install --profile=/path/to/

Use predefined profile languages.

$ wireshell new /path/where/to/install --profile=languages

Download and install specific commit.

$ wireshell new /path/where/to/install --sha=cffb682836517065d7dd7acf187545a4a80f1769


Updates ProcessWire to latest stable release. If you don't provide any option, defaults to master (latest stable) branch.

$ wireshell upgrade

Available options:

--sha : Download specific commit
--check : Just check for core upgrades.
--download : Just download core upgrades.


Check if an update is available.

$ wireshell upgrade --check
A ProcessWire core upgrade is available: dev 3.0.34

Just download update, do not install.

$ wireshell upgrade --download


Output information on current ProcessWire installation and server environment. You can get additional information about PHP versions and paths and/or image diagnostics

$ wireshell status

Available options:

--image : get image diagnostics
--php : get diagnose about PHP versions and paths
--pass : display database password


Output information about current ProcessWire installation as well as php versions/paths and image diagnostics.

$ wireshell status --php --image

 ========================= ===============================
 ========================= ===============================
  Version                   3.0.33 (upgrade available: 3.0.34)
  Admin URL                 /processwire/
  Advanced mode             Off
  Debug mode                On
  Timezone                  Europe/Berlin
  HTTP hosts      ,
  Admin theme               AdminThemeDefault
  Prepended template file   _init.php
  Appended template file    _main.php
  Database host             localhost
  Database name             pw
  Database user             xxx
  Database password         *****
  Database port             3306
  Installation path         /Users/xxx/pw
 ========================= ===============================

 =============== =====================
 =============== =====================
  Version         1.0.2
  License         MIT
 =============== =====================

 ========================= ===============================
  PHP Diagnostics
 ========================= ===============================
  Version                   5.6.16
  Handler                   Command Line Interface
  System Information        xxx
  Max Memory                128M
  Max execution time        0
  Maximum input time        -1
  Upload Max Filesize       1G
  Post Max Size             8M
  Max Input Vars            1000
  Max Input Nesting Level   64
  XDebug Extension          is loaded (*)
 ========================= ===============================

 ===================== ====================================
  Image Diagnostics
 ===================== ====================================
  GD library            Bundled (2.1.0 compatible)
  GD JPG Support        Supported
  GD PNG Support        Supported
  GD GIF Support        Supported
  GD FreeType Support   Supported
  Exif read data        Available
  Imagick Extension     Not available
 ===================== ====================================


Change debug mode.

$ wireshell debug

Available options:

--on : turn debug mode on
--off : turn debig mode off


A wrapper for php -S localhost:8000, fires the small PHP web server and lets you bypass the configuration of a virtual host. Mainly an example for passing through console commands.

$ wireshell serve


List all available commands.

$ wireshell list

Available commands:
  help              Displays help for a command
  list              Lists commands
  new               Creates a new ProcessWire project
  serve             Serve ProcessWire via built in PHP webserver
  status            Returns versions, paths and environment info
  upgrade           Checks for core upgrades.
  backup:db         Performs database dump


Display help for a given command.

$ wireshell --help {command}


$ wireshell --help page:create

 page:create [--template="..."] [--parent="..."] [--title="..."] name


 --template            Template
 --parent              Parent Page
 --title               Title