Frequently Asked Questions

"What about aliases for commands?"

You can use aliases for each command. Here is an example:

Normal way:

$ wireshell field:create {name}

Using an alias, you can skip everything behind the first letter if this is enough to identify the desired command.

$ wireshell f:cr {name}

You can't use $ wireshell f:c for this command, because it's ambiguous (field:create, field:clone). This will lead to an exception.

$ wireshell f:c {name}

 Command "f:c" is ambiguous (field:create, field:clone).

"I use MAMP PRO for Mac and get the error message 'Error: Exception: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002]...'"

You got two possibilities here:

  1. Allow network access to MAMP's MySQL: In MAMP 3's main window, go to the "MySQL" tab, and activate "Allow network access to MySQL" > From this computer. From then on you can swap localhost with 127 .0.0.1 in your local PW installations and wireshell will work.
  2. Solve it by changing to MAMP's mysql.sock.

"I'm on Windows and either can not or wish not to put wireshell in my path, or have several PHP versions installed"

Instead of adding something to the path simply create a single wireshell.bat file and put it into your already existing system path.

Read more at this ProcessWire forum post where Horst explains his solution in detail.